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not really a confession but i just wanted to put it out there that baekho's regrowth/black roots is looking pretty damn good

not sure what you want me to do with this so I’ll just publish and leave it here…

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Hi admin, why I think Ren didnt take care about his health I mean I almost thought that he is doing fad diet to maintain his small body, he like afraid too much in gaining more weight, and do anything to decrease his weight fastly, what do you think..

Hi anon, and I’m not sure about Ren being on a diet. Has he recently stated this anywhere that I might have missed? Ren naturally seems to have a lean figure and as an idol he probably would have been put on diets to maintain a light weight but the schedules they have are tiresome enough and the dancing would probably cause him to lose any weight he does put on. Plus, I think Pledis is kinder with their artists and does take in to account the health of their artists. I don’t think they would put him on a diet that wouldn’t take in to account his health. Also, since Ren was exercising to get abs, he’d first have to put on some weight at first, right? Maybe the diet he had during that time was less about losing weight but instead help gaining muscle. As long as he has a healthy weight and maintains it, then it’s all good I think.