It’s finally happened, the queue is exhausted! So if you haven’t seen your post then it’ll probably never get published because I’ve cleared away my inbox (it was about time too). Personally, I consider it quite a feat that this blog has remained active every single day for almost 2 years. So thank you to everyone for sending in your submissions and being wonderful.


Now that the queue is complete, I think it’s time for this blog to go on hiatus. This is simply because I want to concentrate on my studies and exams now and with NU’EST coming back in the time whilst I will probably have to be studying, I feel this blog will get a little busy. As much as I love NU’EST my studies come first and I need to take responsibility for my education.

The ask box will remain open as will the confessions page. This means that you can still send in your confessions but please note: they will not be published until this blog done with its hiatus. So do not send in your submissions with the expectation that they’ll be done and posted soon, because they won’t.
If you do send some in, make sure that the confessions are… the only word coming to me is timeless. Don’t send in confessions that are only related to a current event/incident because by the time it’s published, it’d be outdated. So don’t send those in. And follow the rules if you do send them in!

I plan on having this blog active again in late-June/early-July and if you guys stick to this blog during that period then I thank you in advance. Here’s hoping NU’EST have a wonderful comeback and a lot of future success.

Thank you once again!