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admin, what are your confessions?

This is a little sudden, am I allowed to post my own thoughts?
Err, I don’t have much of my own to say really, most of the things I want to say are usually said by others. One thing I’m worried about though is that with the lack of variety shows, I’m afraid they may lose variety sense that’s vital for korean shows. They have to get their timing and reactions right, read the mood well to work with the audience/ guests comfortably and naturally whilst making sure that they make a big enough impact on the shows. If you have that then you’ll catch the attention of PD’s and so more show offers but I feel that despite 2 years in to their debut they have extremely little experience (in comparison to other younger groups) in the variety field and not enough recognition with the important people behind the scenes which can lead to less appearances on shows = less fandom fun and material to interest others. Talent is all good and well but can only get you so far, unfortunately. Groups that are less talented make it much farther in SK based on variety alone because it attracts both K-fans and Intl. fans but this is just purely what I think and my own opinion.