Anonymous asked:

I know what you mean about the negative confessions....I send as many positive confessions as possible (sometimes it caused me to hit ask limit!) but for some reason they never get posted. I have a suggestion though, if you want to dial down the negativity, you should set stricter guidelines for the confessions, or set a limit for how many negative confessions go up (say, one negative confession a week.)

The thing with negative confessions is that, no matter how much it does annoy, they still have something that you can take out of it. It gives the views of the people that can’t say what they want without backlash. So yes, negative confessions do annoy me but I was always expecting them — just not this many, but with the state of Pledis and their financial situations it’s something I’ve come to terms with and accepted. Without these negative confessions, the blog would probably not be nearly as active nor would the positive confessions stand out either. As much as I would love this entire blog to be flower fields and sunshine, we know that is not usually the nature of confession blogs.

The things about stricter guidelines, I’m not sure how to exactly standardize something as flexible as people’s opinions because in one confession alone a person can touch on several different aspects. If I control too much of what people have to say then this confessions blog won’t really be a true representation of people’s confessions. I usually have trouble phrasing things so I hope you understand what I mean to say.

And regarding your positive confessions, it’s nice that you send them in, really it is, but I prefer that people do not send in several consecutive confessions even if they have the intention of adding some positiveness, that’s just a general rule (and a little pet peeve) but the fact that none of them have been posted is something that I’m genuinely surprised about. Either you didn’t follow the rules or I just didn’t get them.. and again that’s a little suspicious if I didn’t get any of the asks that caused you to hit the ask limit.

Anonymous asked:

I totally understand what you mean and you are doing a great job with this blog! The positive confessions also makes me really happy :D I hope that more positive confessions come in the future and waaay less negative ones because in the end we all love them right hehehe Thank you for answering my ask! take care :D

Thank you anon and you too :)

Anonymous asked:

I was wondering, how do you feel posting most confessions? Most of the time when I read them they are mostly negative which makes me always so sad :/

To be honest, running this blog makes me feel really sad and also annoyed at most times. I can’t say anything but when I see confessions I disagree with or make me sad, first I just read it, absorb it and then come back to make it later because I usually need time to get over my own opinions first and by the time they’re posted I’m usually over the initial feelings of annoyance and sadness. Sometimes I wish I could discuss some of the confessions with the anons.. but they’re on anon and there’s only so much you can do as a side-blog..
I know what you mean and I genuinely am really sorry when confessions that affect the fandom negatively come out, really I am but this is why whenever I get a positive confession I get really happy. There are negative confessions but in the mess of them, the positive confessions are what affect me the most and give me the drive to continue this. They are the most memorable and I usually have more fun making them, trying to choose a really pretty image and editing it well and when they usually always get more notes then the negative confessions I realize that the fandom (and even others) treasure the good bits more than worrying and fretting over all the other confessions.

chubbybun7 asked:

hi (: where did u get the picture of JR's last confession?

Hi there, here’s the link to the original image~